Q&A with Spartan standout Carnelius Green

Basketball sensation Carnelius Green, erupted Glenbrook Gymnasium when he slammed home an alley-oop pass from teammate Troy Davine against Williams College a couple weeks ago. Since making the transition from Green Mountain College to Castleton, Greene has given the CSC men’s basketball team more offensive firepower. Green scored his 10000th point of his collegiate career this season.

Q: What does basketball mean to you?

A: Basketball is definitely more than just a sport to me. I plan to play professionally. I would love to make this a career.

Q: What age did you start?

A: I’ve been playing basketball forever. My first organized basketball game was in high school.

Q: What is your favorite NBA team?

A: I am from Florida so definitely Miami Heat.

Q: Who’s your favorite NBA player?

A: Lebron. I feel like I kind of play like him. I like to drive to the hole more than just shooting.

Q: What brought you here to Castleton?

A: Definitely to win championships. Tyler Ackley messaged me on Facebook and talked to me to come for a visit. Me and coach Culpo sat down and had a conversation about what I want to do in the future with basketball and I liked everything he said.

Q: What’s been most enjoyable here at Castleton?

A: Definitely a different environment [from Green Mountain College]. Green Mountain was like mostly hippies and just wasn’t fitting in that environment. I feel like I’ve become a better player in just one season here.

Q: Aside from general practice, is there anything you do that has gotten you to where you are now?

A: He [coach Paul Culpo] is on top of everything. Everyday we have to shoot 200 three’s and 100 free-throws outside of practice.

Q: What were your thoughts before the game of your 1000th point and your thoughts when you scored it?

A: I didn’t know anything about my 1000th point. When we played New England College, I just played basketball and when I got on the bus everyone just started cheering for me. I didn’t even know I was that close.

Q: Can you describe or just comment on your alley-oop?

A: We practice those plays all the time in practice. It wasn’t planned at all though. He [Troy Davine] just saw me open and he threw it. I had to finish it…I just can’t leave my teammate hanging.

Q: Other than sports, what are some things no one else would know about you? Guilty pleasure TV shows, genre of music, movies?

A: I don’t know, I mean I’m pretty open about things. I rarely party, I do my homework, I stay in my room, play video games with my suitemates. I mean I’m a huge fan of the Walking Dead, but I don’t think it’s weird or anything. I hope a lot of people watch it.

Q: Do you wish you played any sports other than basketball?

A: I wish I would of played football. I feel like if you’re able to play different sports, you can use it for your main sport. I feel like if I played football I would have been a better basketball player. I feel like having a bigger, stronger body would have helped me in the long run.

Q: What are your dreams and aspirations?

A: My main goal is basketball. It’s just to help my mom out. I just want to help her out, get her a house and just not have to worry about anything in the future. But if that doesn’t happen I am going to school so maybe open up a bar and grill. But my dream is basketball and get paid for doing something I like doing.

Q: If you could ask for one thing what would that be?

A: I would ask for just as much money as Bill Gates.

Q: If you could change one thing in the world what would that be and why?

A: I feel like I would change the government. I feel like they’re just lying to society these days. I feel like so much is being hidden from us and I want to know the truth about the world.

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