Pavilion sees skates – and sticks – in spite of rules

“Denver Divens skate’s past the half-court line, shakes off one defender, has an open net. He shoots, he scores! The crowd goes wild and Divens kicks your butt again Belanger.”

That was the sound just outside Hoff Hall at the ice skating rink underneath the pavilion. Junior Denver Divens and a group of friends play on the ice a few nights a week when they can find time to escape homework.

“It’s just something to do while I’m not stuck at theater rehearsal or up in my room playing video games,” junior Chris Belanger said. “It’s nice to get a few friends out here to mess around and not have to think about homework.”            

The rink under the pavilion is free and open to the public.  However, according to the large green rules and regulations sign out front of the main entrance, “Hockey sticks and pucks are not permitted on or around the rink.” So what does this rule mean to Divens and his friends who like to just mess around at night?

“Of course we have read the rule about no playing hockey on the rink, but it’s not like we are gearing up and playing some big competitive game,” Divens said. “They are just worried about kids playing too rough and someone getting hurt. There are liability issues at stake, but we are just out here to clear our heads and fool around, nothing dangerous.”

The green entrance sign also reads that “there is no skate attendant on duty,” which means all skaters enter the rink at their own risk and the college “isn’t responsible for any injuries.”

The rink is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., but you must be wearing skates, again according to the rules.

The need for ice skates brings up another issue with the rink. What about those who want to skate, but don’t have any?

“There isn’t a place on campus to rent skates, which is a problem,” CSC senior Anna Olson said. “I’d love to be able to go out there and skate with my friends, but I don’t own a pair of skates and don’t have money to go out and buy any.”

Olson suggested the school should rent skates or have skates allowed to be borrowed, which might make the often empty rink utilized more. Others agree and offered different ideas to get more use out of it.

“I think that there should be a skate, dance, get- together sort of thing for students,” senior student Shea Bryant said. “I also believe the rule about no hockey sticks or pucks on the ice should be removed. Our school has a lot of hockey players and there is nowhere else for players to practice in their free time.”

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