Men’s hockey teams up with college store

Nothing is better when you are away at college and you get a care package from home. It’s always nice to know that someone somewhere is thinking about you and seeing your favorite goodies can put a smile on a face, even in the darkest of moments, like finals week.  

That’s where the men’s hockey team comes in.

Starting this past September, in collaboration with the college store, team members assemble and distribute care packages all over campus.

“The students parents can sign up for them,” said senior Ross Herzog. “It helps them get a sense of home.”

Postcards are sent to each on-campus student’s home and parents then can order care packages for their son or daughter. Team members then deliver the care packages personally. They go around to each dorm, knock on students’ doors and drop off each package.

“They include mostly food and snacks,” said senior Reid Lesswing.

There are three different types of care packages available: the basic, deluxe and the Spartan Spirit. The packages can include a few Castleton trinkets, ear buds, hand sanitizer, Chapstick and goodies such as Milk Duds, Air Heads, Pringles and Kraft mac and cheese

“It helps take your mind off of everything that is going on during exam times,” said senior Colin Murray.

Coach Stephan Moffat has enjoyed taking over the care package fundraising.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Moffat. “I thought it was a good way to help out the collage, get our faces out on campus more and interact with the students.”

Even though many students aren’t aware of the care packages, word is spreading.

“A little over 1,100 were sent out [during the fall],” said college store manager Gail St. Pierre. “It’s fun to create them and work in junction with the hockey team.”

The hockey team doesn’t fully benefit from the fundraising. A little bit of the money raised goes toward the team to help with equipment purchases and the rest goes back to the college store.

Knowing someone is thinking about you from home is sometimes the greatest gift when you are having a troubled time getting through finals. That extra piece of chocolate or popcorn can give you the boost needed to study all night and pass all finals with flying colors.

“It’s just fun,” said St. Pierre. “It gives you a good feeling…knowing that the student is going to be surprised.”

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