Keeping you and your wallet warm this winter

During the winter, especially in Vermont, it’s hard to stay motivated to get dressed.  It’s dark, cold, icy and the only thing that seems remotely comfortable are hoodies and sweatpants.

But there are ways to get dressed, stay warm and comfy and not go over your monthly budget.

Sweaters are a brilliant invention.

They’re comfortable, stylish and available at almost every single store imaginable. You don’t need to go to J. Crew or Anthropologie to purchase a sweater that is flattering, fashion forward and non-expensive.

Take Old Navy for example. They have great simple crew neck sweaters for only $10. They come in just about every color and the cut of the garment is flattering for every body type.

Scarves are also a huge accessory for the winter. Personally I swear a scarf every day. I have an obsession with them. My collection is 60 and growing. Scarves add something special to your outfit and they will help keep you warm in this cold wintery time.

Investing in a good winter coat is also necessary. It may be expensive on initial purchase, but it will end up saving you money in the long run. A good coat will last you years, maybe even a few decades. And trust me, unless you’re lucky enough to have a bottomless trust fund, spending money on a coat every few months will end up hurting you in the end more than a face plant on the slippery ice.

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