Game Review: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released in Nov. 2011, the game takes place in a fantasy world called Skyrim with multiple villages like Whiterun. The players get to dual wield a spell and a weapon like an imperial sword and healing spell or fire spell.  Players can loot off of enemies or from an open room. They can take items like money, spell books, weapons and even armor.  IGN rated the game at a nine out of ten.  Many others gave similar reviews for the graphics and amazing game play in first or third person perspectives.

There are many weapons like swords, battle-axes and bows and arrows. There are also many different spells like regeneration, construction and destruction.  The weapons are ancient medieval and very deadly if used incorrectly. They can be lethal when used correctly if the player uses the weapon to kill enemies around them.  The players can zap enemies or burn them if they wish, or any way they choose to kill the enemy.  The enemies are A.I. Controlled players that are at some point very powerful or weak and pathetic. 

At some point in the game players get to battle a massive dragon with any weapon and spell that will work against the dragon in the fight. The player will get missions to do like little errands or a very important mission like finding a very valuable item.  On each of the missions there might be a secret code on a door or pillars with traps at every point afterwards.  There are amazing treasures in many secret rooms after each trap and other kinds of weapons. Players can’t carry everything they find because players can’t run very fast with so many items, so they may have to drop some items or sell them for cash.

Hope many other Gamers out there will enjoy this game as much as I have! And Kill as many Dragons as you can.

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