#1 Diva: Beyonce shocks world with secret album

What’s the first thing you think when you think diva? I hope it’s Beyoncé. If not, have you listened to her? 

Beyoncé has been the topic of discussion after she dropped a bomb on the music scene by releasing an album with absolutely no press hype on it before the release date. The new “Visual Album” includes electric R&B as well as a little pop; it has fourteen tracks on it, each having an accompanying music video. The album was recorded in secrecy and was released on December 13, 2013, more than a year after her daughter Blue Ivy Carter was born. With this being her fifth studio album it has multiple guest performances including Jay-Z, Drake, Frank Ocean and her now two-year old daughter Blue Ivy.

The third song on the album is a duet with rap artist and husband of five years, Jay-Z, called “Drunk in Love.” This sexy song also has an even sexier video including a dark lit beach, Beyoncé and almost no clothes. It surely seems as though Beyoncé got her body back and was eager to show it.

At first it seems as though this album isn’t much different than any of her previous albums. It’s full of lust, power and sex, but the marketing for this album was different than any other album before. When the album came out so did all the music videos for it, which also prevented it from being leaked before the release date. In the album, Beyoncé sings about record labels, keeping the attention of her man, pressures, and insecurities she goes through.

The mood generating off the album changes various times throughout its entirety. A few of the songs on the album have dark parts in them including the song “Haunted” where in the video Beyoncé checks into a hotel room occupied by the spirits of the dead. Then there are songs like “Mine” featuring Drake that show Beyoncé still has her pop touch. The song “Yonce” proves to be another female ballad, with a powerhouse video.

This album certainly surprised people all over the world but this album proves Beyoncé still got it and isn’t going anywhere. If you haven’t listened or watched the videos, you really should.

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