Ski teams hopeful as regional qualifiers approach

Bennington, NH- The Men’s Ski team took a dip in the rankings this past weekend at Crotched Mountain.

This became a reoccurring theme with the members of the Women’s and Men’s Castleton State Ski Team along with Co-Head Coach Chris Eder.

Senior Gordon Mason said that Saturday’s events went well, but the team could have performed better.

“We didn’t really ski to our full potential,” Mason said.

The Women’s Ski Team however kept the pace with last weekend’s meet by ranking second in their division, but the Men’s Ski Team fell short landing in fifth place after last weekend’s third place.

“Our conference is one of the most competitive conferences in the country. Nobody is dominating these meets. Many of the runs are decided by seconds,” Eder said.

He said his skiers need to start having more consistent runs instead of just having a solid first one and that its all about finishing what they start.

“We’re too in our comfort zone and we need to start skiing more dangerously and just go for it,” sophomore Jackie Bielak said.

Others couldn’t agree more.

“We just need to focus on finishing consistently well for the rest of the season,” Mason said.

For the men freshman skier Matt Couture made an impression Saturday by placing second in the Slalom-his best finish all year. Junior Patrick Burke also kept up his successful season by placing eighth in Slalom and fourth in Giant Slalom.

From the Women’s Team sophomore Simona Croccolo was the only Women’s Ski Team member to place in the top ten at eighth. Senior Ali Spencer skied into eleventh while sophomore Lisa Davis came in sixteenth in the Slalom.

Another standout Senior Blaire Hooper earned her best finished by coming in fifth in the Giant Slalom while Spencer joined her in the top ten at eighth. Croccolo placed fourteenth in her two runs.

For the future, Eder says that it’s about peeking at the right time.

“At the end of it all, it’s about who’s doing well in February,” Eder said.

It’s a feeling that is seen in both the Men and the Women’s Ski Team. “

Right now is a good spot to be in. I think we have a good shot at qualifying at regionals, but we need to be dominate in our last two races to secure our position,” Mason said.

Bielak said she was confident that the Ski Team would make it to regionals by skiing a little more aggressive.

“Ultimately, we ski to win, not just to ski,” Eder said. 

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