Q&A: Nicoline Jensen

Q. What is your favorite American food that you have tried while being at Castleton? What is your least?

A. Mozzarella Sticks. I tried them at the beginning of last year at Fireside. The funny part is, before I came here I didn’t really like cheese, but now I love everything with cheese. It’s because you guys put cheese on everything. My least favorite is meatloaf, it’s really gross. I don’t know it just has a really weird taste.
Q. In the past year, what was an American holiday or tradition that you found weird? What holidays are different in Denmark? What is your favorite holiday?

A. I was actually talking about this with my suitemate the other day, and apparently you celebrate something called “Flag Day.” I don’t know what it is. We have a whole week off Easter; here you just celebrate one Sunday. We had school off for a whole week. But my favorite is definitely Christmas, one because of the food and two I get to see my family.
Q. Is the English language easier to understand now that you have been here for a year? What was the hardest thing to translate in the English language? What is the weirdest slang term you have heard while being here?

A. Oh yeah, definitely.  Probably the hardest was, I would call it, the slang you speak in. Back home we learn formal English, for example we are taught to say “please” after everything. Since I have been here I have heard things like “Imma pop a cap in your ass.”  It definitely can go under the weirdest slang I’ve ever heard.
Q. What is your favorite aspect of Castleton since you got here and why?

A. I like that it’s so different than what I come from. I come from a city where you can walk to everything. I think it’s hard that you can’t do anything if you don’t have a car. Literally, like you can’t do anything. At home, everything is close, that people bike everywhere. They are crazy, they do whatever they want.
Q. Is it hard traveling all the time? What is your worst experience on a plane?    

A. I’ve gotten used to flying, I sleep it off. My worst experience on a plane was my flight last year from Rutland to Boston. In Rutland, they have really small planes that hold seven people and they overbooked it so I had to be co-pilot. I was so tempted to touch all the shiny buttons because I was so close to everything. If I touched anything we would crash, it was so scary.
Q. How does it feel to be ECAC East Rookie of the Year and ECAC Honorable Mention Team last year? Are you proud of your accomplishments? What do you wish was different?

A.Great! I don’t know, yes and no. I’m that kind of person that always thinks that I can do a better job. I am very self-critical. In myself, I never have a good game no matter how many points I may get that day. As you’re older, your appreciation of hockey grows because you only think of how many years you have left. My family gives a lot for me to be here, so I want to enjoy it on a more fun level as well as competitive.
Q. Do you have any weird hockey superstitions or routines?

A. I always put my right shin pad on first and then my left. But it’s the opposite for my elbow pads. If I don’t do it, I can’t play. I have to undress and start over.
Q. What’s your favorite NHL Team? Who is your favorite player?

A. Senators, hands down. Sidney Crosby, first of all, he’s a good player. He’s the youngest captain ever to win the Stanley Cup, that says something about a player. It’s not because he’s hot. Erik Karlsson on the Senators, he’s hot.

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