Haskell Hall basement gets ‘well’

From spinning records to spinning bikes, the basement of Haskell Hall has had a major makeover.
What used to be the dark and dingy WIUV radio studio has been transformed into a fresh, clean wellness center room.
The new studio has bright white walls, spotless black floors, green trim along the walls, and a sparkling refreshing smell.
On Friday, members of spin class were cranking the pedals of their stationary bikes.
Janet Hazelton, director of Human Resources, said she’s thrilled to have an official, consistent, class space for yoga and other wellness programs.
“In previous years we were always getting bumped from our space,” she said. “It caused a lot of confusion. Now that we have a finalized place, we can be more flexible with our classes.”
Jamie Bentley, coordinator of Campus Wellness Education, suggested that because of the new studio, people will be more eager to participate.
“I’m expecting good participation for this semester,” she said of a yoga class offered in the space. “The class is open to faculty, staff, students and community members.”
Hazelton was also enthusiastic to get the word out about the new equipment and classes they were offering as a compliment to the yoga classes.
“We have new spinning bikes, so we will be offering spinning classes as well,” she said.
While Lucia Sforza, graduate student at Castleton, was spinning away on her bike Friday, she managed a comment on last week’s class.
“It was really fun and upbeat! The class was packed. All the bikes were full, and Taina (the spinning instructor) is really helpful.”

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