Choma’s efforts are widespread at Castleton

During the day, Deb Choma, works with dementia patients and  patients at the end of their lives.
She spends her Tuesday nights in a much different setting, talking about college health issues with Castleton State College students.
Choma is credited with creating many different clubs and services on campus including the Safe Ride program and One in Ten Club.
“In memory of my nephew who was killed by a drunk driving boater, I started Safe Ride in my own Isuzu Trooper about 15 years ago,” Choma said proudly. “At first some administrative staff said I was encouraging students to drink, when in reality, I was doing the complete opposite.”
Choma organized the One in Ten Club while working as a nurse in the Reed Center, known today as the Wellness Center.
“Students were coming to me with gay and sexual issues, so I started the club on my lunch break,” Choma said.
When Choma first started at Castleton, community advisors were asking the nurse to help with events to interact with students, and thus “Sex with Deb” was born. She would talk to them about safe sex in a fun and non-threatening way and provide condoms to students.
In addition, Choma has now been public speaking for nine years to crowds up to 300 people at Health Care conferences across 42 states about sexuality and long term care.
“I am scheduled for a trip to Oregon soon to make it 43,” she said.
Additionally, she is also in the process of writing a book about long term care and ways to cope with crisis.
“I’ve heard a lot of great things about Deb’s class, and am excited to start this semester with her. She really seems to understand all of her students and make us feel so comfortable in her classroom,” said senior Chelsea Paola.
Alex Sears, also a senior at Castleton, has taken Choma’s Women’s Health Issues and  Community Health classes, and is a big fan.
“I used to walk into Deb’s classes and all my stress would go away. She truly makes the Castleton community a better place,” she said.

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