Spartan Standout: Allie Howard

Allie Howard stands alone as a senior this hockey season, but with the teammates she has, that doesn’t matter.  Skating since she was a toddler, Howard finds joy in being the only senior.  I sat down with the five foot forward to find out more about this Spartan senior.
Q: When did you start playing hockey?
A: “I started playing when I was 4 years old.”
Q: Why did you start playing hockey?
A: “I played because both my dad and brother played and I wanted to be like them.”
Q: What it’s like to be the only senior?
A: “It’s really, really weird.  At first I was kinda bummed because I had no one to share this with, but I really like it now.  I don’t feel way older or anything.  I’m pretty immature so I fit in.  Now I actually wouldn’t have it any other way.”
Q: How does it feel to not have some of the girls you have been with for three years?
A: “Looking back, its weird.  We started with eight in my class and now we’re at one.  I love seeing the new girls.  I get to see the team grow and the team develop.”
Q: Is there any girl in particular that stands out to you that you miss? Why?
A: “I would definitely say Meg Hulbert.  Sophomore year, she was one of our captains.  I looked up to her because she worked hard, never complained, she always had the right thing to say between periods.”
Q: Who is your favorite hockey player/team?
A: “My favorite team is the Winnipeg Jets because that’s like my hometown.  My favorite player is either Evander Kane or Ryan Smith.”
Q: Looking forward, what are the team’s goals?
A: “Definitely to stick together. We don’t want to turn on each other and we want to be able to click on and off the ice.  Our next rough patch is going to be January term.  In the past we’ve struggled with that – just getting back into it after Christmas break.  This year is a different feel.  We really lean on each other.”
Q: Do you have any pregame rituals?
A: “Bri [Narodowy], our captain, does an ‘I believe we will win’ chant.  We also hit the ‘Yes we will’ sign before we go out.  A few of us do a Lil Jon yell like ‘What, Yeahya, okay.’  When we win, we also do a chant.”
Q: Did you have a favorite hockey movie growing up?
A: “Growing up, it was probably The Mighty Ducks.  MVP was a good one.  Recently though, I’d say Goon tops it all. 

Q: Did you play any other sports growing up?
A: “I played a lot of soccer.  I played lacrosse at boarding school.  I did cross country, track.  I did javelin, but wasn’t very good and also did basketball.  I play ball hockey now, which is glorified street hockey.  It’s really intense.  I’m going to Nationals this year in Montreal and if we win that, we go to Czechoslovakia.”
Q: What was you favorite dish on Thanksgiving?
A: “Sweet potatoes and marshmallows.” 

Q: Do you have any plans for after graduation?
A: “I’ll probably take a year off and hit Europe up.  Definitely a year off.  All my siblings did and traveled.”
Q: What memory of your hockey career is something you’ll never forget?
A: “When we almost beat Norwich this year.”

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