Castleton’s super fans

You’ve seen them at the baseball games sitting directly behind home plate. You’ve seen them at the basketball games, the football games, the soccer games and the lacrosse games. You can’t miss the sound of her voice shouting, “Go Castleton, Score one more!”
They have been known as Castleton’s super fans, but their real names are Rich and Nancy Glasscock.  

Nancy, from Fair Haven originally, came to Castleton State College fresh out of high school. She left to go into the Navy, then civil service and then came back to finish her degree here.
“I just became attached to Castleton, but I’ve always loved sports,” she said.
She met Rich in Memphis, Tenn. when they were both in the Navy.  They got engaged in San Diego, married in Norfolk, Va. and settled back here once they left the military.
And thus began their dedication to the school and community of Castleton, Vt.
Once out of the Navy, Rich worked for Public Safety where he was patrol captain for 18 years before he retired in 2005. Nancy finished her undergraduate and graduate degrees, and is a former employee of the library and math department.
“I love sports, but being in the Navy, and being on three aircraft carriers and a destroyer all over the world, there wasn’t much time for sports,” Rich said. “You can kind of say we’re making up for lost time now.”
 Their motto, “We’re retired and having fun” is what they live by. Splashed across their business cards advertising their photography website, they really feel this motto describes this point in their lives perfectly.
“It’s our way of giving back to parents, students and the college,” Nancy said.
They’re doing everything they love. Between traveling adventures and attending as many Castleton athletic events as possible, they are truly enjoying life.  

They rave about how the student athletes are so friendly and how the atmosphere has improved.
“We just enjoy watching the student athletes play,” Nancy said. “And our teams have gotten so good, both the men’s and women’s. The student athletes have gotten so personable.”
You can catch the Glasscocks at so many of Castleton’s games, but Nancy’s favorite, by far, is baseball. Sitting behind home plate while keeping score, her non-stop cheering can be heard by all, even on the field.
Two athletes they are impressed with are senior baseball players Matt McNamee and Joe Borowski.
Borowski, the first baseman, is a favorite of Nancy’s because he always catches them after the game for hugs.  

“They’re basically family,” he said.
McNamee agrees.
“They’re the best fans,” he said.
Rich and Nancy have two rituals; to wear green and where they sit. In the stadium; it’s on the top benches by the fence and in Glenbrook Gym, they can be spotted in the top row.  

Because they attend so many events, including away games as far as Virginia, President Wolk dubbed the Glasscocks “super fans.”
Traveling isn’t new to Rich and Nancy. In the Navy, Rich traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and even straddled the equator in Peru.
Together, they’ve been completing Nancy’s bucket list all around the country visiting major league stadiums in San Francisco, Cleveland, Philadelphia, San Diego, Boston and even Toronto, Canada. She collects a hat from each one, but her favorite is Fenway Park in Boston, Mass.
“It’s like a party in there,” she said.
It’s evident they’re not only thrilled about sports, but also life. They’re along for the ride and want to share that attitude with everyone they meet through their website, sports games and travel adventures.
“The best thing is to be positive and persistent and just get through it all,” Nancy said.

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