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On her way to work from her home near Lake Bomoseen, Brigette Olson takes the quick 10-minute commute to Hoff Hall on the Castleton State College campus, but not without a quick pit stop at the Mobil Gas Station to pick up her usual four-pack of Red Bull.
With Red Bull in hand, Olson guides her black Jeep left down Main Street passing the double-wide town hall on the right and the church on the left, before taking the right turn down South Street. A quarter mile down, she turns right into the stadium parking lot and into her office in the first floor of Hoff Hall.
Olson is assistant director in the Conference and Events Department on campus and is the sender of the email that students delete every morning detailing the upcoming events on and around campus each day.
Olson’s boss, Director of Conference and Events Lori Phillips, considers Olson one of her own, saying, “she is like my own daughter.”
Olson is known for a lot of things, including her snacking, according to Phillips and her Conference and Events staff. At times she gets cranky and grumpy when she’s hungry, Phillips said.
“The one thing that really bothers me about her is she brings the strawberry Twizzlers to games and not the cherry pull and peel ones. I only like the pull and peel ones,” joked sophomore softball player Chelsea Grady

A Webster City, Iowa native, Olson is the youngest of four kids. Parented by Paul and Charlene, she has one brother, Nic, and two sisters, Shauna – and the one she is closest to, Chandy.
“But don’t tell the others,” she said with a smirk.
When asked for a fun fact about her, something that no one knows, Olson paused.
It stumped her for a second, and leaning back in her chair she asked for more time to answer.  After about a minute pause, she leans forward and starts to tell a story in a joking voice.  She said when she was about 7 years old, she was hit and almost run over by a 175 Honda dirt bike, driven by her older brother, Nic.
But how does a farm girl from Iowa end up in Vermont?

“I wanted some change, a fresh start,” she said.
She was recruited to play softball at Castleton, and she excelled on and off the diamond. In 2003, she was named to the NAC All- Tournament Team. And in 2005, she graduated from Castleton with a degree in athletic training and a minor in coaching. She is currently the assistant coach of the Castleton softball team and is loved by all her players.
“What I like most about her is her willingness to do whatever you ask her. She is always there, whether it be for softball, or personal reasons,” said sophomore pitcher Katie Gagne   

Olson said she hopes to one day be a head coach of a softball team, for any level except Little League, because there are too many crazy parents and she can’t deal with that.
Her love of sports and helping people is something that can be found deep in her core. These great traits are something that will carry her far into her future.
One day, Olson hopes to open her own massage therapy/physical therapy practice. Where you might ask?  Not in Vermont. Although she likes it here, she said she wants to someday live down south, perhaps Florida or the Carolinas.
She wants to do all of this with her partner and bride to be, Amanda. Olson and Amanda have been together for two years and both couldn’t be happier.
With the United States starting to accept gay marriage, in 14 states to be exact, it gives the chance for Brigette and Amanda and couples everywhere to finally get married. 

“I’m excited to get married and have the support from my family and friends,” Olson said.
She went on to say that when she first came out, her friends gave her more support than her family.
“So, after you and Amanda get married, are you going to have kids?”  a reporter asked.
Olson answered with a quick and definite yes to kids, and no to adoption. She and Amanda want to have their own child, she said, adding that she would carry the child.
“Can you see Amanda doing that,” she joked to the reporter.
As you can see, there’s a lot more to Brigette Olson than just the sender of that daily email update.

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