New TVs in dorms

The old TVs in Castleton State College dorm lobbies are on their way out the door.
With about $5,000 to spend, the Residence Hall Association has purchased 17 new televisions and two portable DVD players that will be going into common area of dorms in coming days.
“I think the TVs will be a great new addition to build a community where people can go if they don’t want a lot in their room or suite. We work for the students and try to make the residence halls a place where they want to be,” said Michael Robilotto, director of Residence Life.
The Residence Hall Association allows students to voice their opinions about how the organizations money is spent. Last year a common desire among the CAs and students was for larger TVs, or TVs in general, to be put in the lobby area so that everyone can get together  to watch movies and shows.
For those who worry about where the money is coming from, there really is no need to be concerned. The money spent on the TVs, Fall Fest and other activities has been collected from vending machines on campus and the laundry coin machines.
“I think from the CA’s view it will be more helpful to bring people out of their rooms. CA’s use them for programs and friends can get together to watch movies and football games,” said Kristin Helm, Area Coordinator of Haskell and Ellis Halls.  

But while many students are excited about the new TVs coming, some question the expenditure.
“It’s a poor purchase.  The money can be used for better things like fixing our shower. And honestly we don’t need TV’s down there because no one is ever down there watching it,” said sophomore Samantha Stearns in Morrill.
The 17 TVs have already been selected and are on campus ready to be installed, the only thing needed now is a time when facilities can connect them. Although none have been set up yet, there is a chance that within the next few weeks and over winter break the process will start.

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