Game Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts is the tenth installment in the Call of Duty series.  Released in November, it is an Xbox 360 (and five other platform compatible) exhilarating and intriguing first-person shooter.  This two-player co-op game is set in San Diego in modern times.

A U.S. military satellite, ODIN, is a super weapon with a laser cannon.  A military orbital defense initiative, it is hijacked by unknown enemies, the Federation.  The satellite destroys the southwestern coast of the U.S.  The area that was destroyed is “no man’s land” because no one can live there anymore.  

Ten years later, two brothers, Logan and David (Hesh) Walker, and a German Shepherd named Riley are trying to survive the brutal war.  They are under the command of their father in the U.S. Army, and they get along.  

One player is Logan, and, if you play with a friend, the other is David.  Both are equally tough and serious, but sometimes they can be witty and combat-ready.   We don’t know why the Federation attacked us.  Hesh, Logan and Riley are ambushed when they are on patrol, but they are rescued by two members of Ghosts.  This is a secret American Army that tries to keep off the radar and stay hidden from the enemy.  

Riley, a combat trained killer, is an important part of the brothers’ team, which is unusual in video games.  Most games don’t have developed animal characters.  Riley has a likeable personality until he rips the enemies’ throats out!

The warfare in Ghosts is brutal; the Ghost Team has to sink an oil platform in the Antarctic Circle.  In order to plant the bombs, players have to kill a few hundred enemies!  The best weapons, in my opinion, are the FAD, an assault rifle, and the Honey Badger, a submachine gun with a silencer integrated, which is a really cool feature.  They are ready to fire at a powerful rate!  

Ghosts has a new game mode – a spinoff of Zombie mode in Black Ops 2.  “Extinction mode” has barricades that you have to drill to survive an onslaught of invading aliens from outer space, and we are trying to exterminate every one of them.  “Extinction mode” is a totally separate game from Ghosts and a hell of a lot of fun.

COD: Ghosts is an epic game, and I hope you all enjoy!

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