Tartuffe connives in Casella Theatre

Castleton’s rendition of French playwright, Moliere’s renaissance production Tartuffe captured Casella Theater from Nov. 13-17. The Soundings event brought students and faculty alike flocking to the Fine Art’s Center to witness the unique plot line and extravagant costumes.
The play’s namesake, Tartuffe, is a man who hides behind a mask of fake religious values to fool the other characters. He is taken in off the streets by the wealthy Orgon and quickly brings him to believe he is a man of purity and chastity.
His family is not nearly as sold on Tartuffe.
Despite his family’s outbursts, Orgon forbids his daughter, Mariane to marry her lover, Valere, and arranges for her and Tartuffe to be wed. Mariane abided by the feminine confines of the time period and regrettably agreed to her father’s request.
Contrary to this damsel in distress, the other women of the play broke away from the stereotypes and openly spoke their minds to Orgon. His maid, Dorine, provided the most comic relief to the production with her cunning tongue and shrewd ways. The homeowner’s second wife, Elmire, ultimately led to the intruder’s downfall and revealed Tartuffe’s true intentions of seduction and infidelity.
However, the resolution is nearly hindered when Tartuffe revealed that Orgon has already signed over the deed of the house. He calls for Orgon’s arrest and the family’s eviction from the home. Orgon becomes further distressed when he realizes that his position in the court is in jeopardy due to the secrets he has revealed to Tartuffe under the security of their false friendship.

Tartuffe’s hypocrisy ultimately led to his complete demise when he is discovered by the king and imprisoned for past crimes. Orgon and his family are restored to their former glory and with Tartuffe behind bars Mariane and Valere are once again set to exchange vows.

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