Spartan Standout: Colin Murray

Senior Colin Murray has been a force to be reckoned with since the start of this hockey season, dishing out four assists and stashing one goal for himself.   Skating since a toddler, the Oshawa, Ontario native was recently named ECAC player of the week.  There’s nothing selfish about this 6’4″ forward’s play; just hunger for the win.  I sat down with Murray to learn more about the Spartan senior.  

Q. When did you start playing hockey?
A. “Skated before I was walking so let’s say, played competitively at three or four.”
Q. Why did you start playing hockey?
A. “I started playing hockey because my dad put me into it and it wasn’t figure skating and I didn’t want to figure skate.  I just chose to play hockey because it was what I was geared towards.”
Q. Who is your favorite hockey player/team?
A. “My favorite team is the Red Wings.  My favorite hockey player would have to be Steve Yzerman.”
Q. Where did you play juniors before coming to Castleton?
A. “I played juniors in the OJHL and the CCHL.  They were two of the same league – the league was split.  It was the OJHL my first year and then it changed to the CCHL.   I played for the Cobourg Cougars in Cobourg which is a town up north in Ontario; then I played in Seguin which is also up north in Ontario.”

Q.How has that benefited you?
A.”Coming to school as a 21-year old, as opposed to an 18-year old, definitely gave me time to develop. I mean, at that time you’re coming into the league as a 16, 17-year old playing with guys who are 20 years old and it’s just, you get better playing with better people.”
Q. Do you have any rituals before your games?
A. “I like to listen to the same playlist on the way to the rink.  Favorite song from the playlist is “How I Could Just Kill a Man?” by Rage Against the Machine.”
Q. What’s it mean to you to be ECAC player of the week?
A. “I definitely wouldn’t say it’s just me.  It’s definitely a team effort when it comes down to it.  Although it’s nice to get individual accolades, but when I think about how we played as a team, you’re only as good as the guys you play with.  It’s nice to have a good cast of guys, ranging from freshmen all the way to your senior class, we have a different spectrum of guys who can put the puck in the net, pass the puck, or do the hitting.  It’s definitely a nice accolade to have, but I wouldn’t say it was all me.”  

Q. How is it going with the new coach?
A. “It’s going awesome.  He’s developing the team into a new identity, as opposed to what it was years before.  I think that it’s a more positive atmosphere.  He’s a positive guy – very offensive minded coach, knows what has to get done in the defensive end.  Its going well, there’s a lot of positivity around the team and it’s bringing the guys together more than I’ve seen in years past.”

Q. How is the team looking for the rest of the year?
A. “We have a lot of building to do, as with all teams, and having eight or nine freshmen come in and a new coach, there are a lot of outliers you could say now.  We started the season off fairly well.  I think we have a ton of potential.  There’s a ton of different roles filled on the team – a lot of guys who can step up and play and it’s just a matter of how well we play and how well we buy into the coach’s system.”  

Q. What’s one thing people should definitely do when visiting Canada?
A. “If you’re going to Ontario, definitely check out Niagara Falls if you haven’t been.  It’s a wonder of the world.  If you’re out east, check out Prince Edward Island because I’d say it’s easily comparable to Vermont in ‘beautiness.'”  

Q. Favorite hockey movie growing up?
A. “I would have to say “Slap Shot” for sure.”
Q. Did you play any other sports?
A. “I played lacrosse growing up. I guess I started playing when I was about 10.  I played soccer for one summer.  Hated it.  I played baseball until I was about 10, then I transferred over to lacrosse.   I played hockey and lacrosse until about sophomore year here.”

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