Going green gets the gold

Castleton State College was recently awarded a gold medal for being green. Hoff Hall, the newest addition to the campus, has been recognized for meeting the specific standards of Leadership Energy Environmental Design. Hoff and the Campus Center are the only two buildings to attain the LEED award.
Dean of Administration Scott Dikeman said the environmental friendly building was not built to receive the award, but he said he’s happy with the designation and that it’s all about doing the right thing.
“It is hard to convert older buildings. We try to use sustainable methods as much as possible, and we will look to continue to follow the LEED standards,” said Dikeman.
Students are noticing the college’s green efforts and like what they see.
“Hoff hall is extremely advanced compared to other dorms in its abilities, and provides the best green possibilities. With the very noticeable efficiency it has unlimited potential for setting the standard for future green dorms,” said senior Paytton Hobbs.
Formerly from Audet House then North house, Hobbs this year made the leap across campus to Hoff hall where he currently resides.
From water bottle stations, timers on the toilets to gauge how long you have been sitting there, and censored lights throughout the building, Hoff has numerous green attribute.
“Castleton has this drive to go green. Getting gold is a great thing. It has a positive impact on the campus, but also birds and stuff,” said Area Coordinator Kevin Kareckas

Kareckas also pointed out that Hoff’s roof sports four wind turbines and several solar panels all facing south for optimal sun exposure.
Each green or environmentally friendly aspect of the new building receives a certain number of points and each point you earn helps you to potentially receive a higher level or an award, officials said.

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