Game Review: Grand Theft Auto V

A third person perspective roleplaying game (RPG), the main story line of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) is about three gangsters who are part of a Mafia.  GTA5 has sold about $800 million worth of copies worldwide in the first twenty-four hours of its much-anticipated release. The company that made the other GTA games in the series is Rockstar North and Take-Two Interactive.  It was made for Xbox 360 and PS3.  Players can play the game in single player mode or online multiplayer mode.  

The story takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos, an alternate version of Los Angeles.  Players get a chance to swap three different criminal perspectives of the Mafia characters; Franklin, Michael and Trevor.  They commit bank robbery, auto theft, and first-degree murder.  

The guns in the game are modern style guns, like grenade launchers, also known as “War Machines”. They are used against police officers as well as, innocent people.    

Players have multiple missions to complete and parts to find in order to build things like a spaceship with cloaking ability.  There are multiple glitches in this process such as duplicating your car. In the wall glitch, nobody can see or find you. There is a clone glitch where players can double themselves to confuse the police officers, which is hilarious. The dumb police officers glitch is another humorous aspect. It makes the police act unintelligent, so the criminals can get away. Infinite money glitch lets you find money all over the place to buy booze and weapons. A Skyfall cheat lets players fly!  

Players get a chance to find many rare cars and guns hidden all over the map. Each of the three characters has a unique ability; Trevor is a pilot, Michael is has bullet time (he can slow down time and take less damage from bullets), and Franklin can slow down time when he is driving his car which allows him to do multiple stunts.

I hope everyone has a blast playing the game and completes each of the multiple missions. I hope you have just as much fun finding these awesome glitches or cheats while playing Grand Theft Auto 5, as my friends have had.

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