Prof: Learn a language, land a job

With the growing population of this melting pot we call a home, it is beneficial to learn another language.

Castleton offers seven Spanish classes from beginners to advanced level, as well as, French, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese at beginning levels.

Due to the location of the language department, the bottom hallway of Leavenworth, language professors fear that students are unaware of all the cultural opportunities the school offers.

“Sometimes we wonder if our CSC student population knows we are here and that we offer two Spanish majors: Spanish for Business and Spanish Language and Literature,” said Ana Alexander, modern foreign language coordinator and professor.

Approximately 24 students are majoring or minoring in Spanish, not a large percent of the student body.

“Learning another language gives you the ability to travel to a different country and completely immerse yourself in its culture and develop connections and friendships in a way that would be impossible only knowing one language,” student Jesse Mach said.

One hundred percent of Spanish majors find employment immediately after graduation, Alexander said.

Other students have taken opportunities with the Peace Corps serving in countries all over the world.

The 2011 census stated that the most popular language spoken in homes in the United States, next to English, was Spanish.

“Just think about it, a person with a Spanish degree can function in an English speaking world and in a Spanish speaking world,” Alexander said.

Spanish might be one of the leading interests in the CSC language department, but others have enjoyed learning other languages as well.

“I took Arabic 1 last semester because I have a lot of friends who speak Arabic and I wanted to learn,” student Alice Johnson said. “Knowing another language is a huge advantage. It really gives you an upper hand in any field you go into.”

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