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Is it me, or is it a really good time to be a Boston sports fan right now? In my lifetime I have seen the Celtics (2008), Bruins (2010), Patriots (2001, 2003, 2004), and Red Sox (2004, 2007) all win championships.
The Red Sox added onto that by winning their third championship in a decade, beating the St. Louis Cardinals 6-1 on Wednesday night in game six. Out of all the championships that Boston has won, this one seems most special because they proved Boston can overcome a tragedy. After the marathon bombing, Boston has remained strong.
It is almost reminiscent of how the Yankees, playing the Diamondbacks after 9/11, helped people realize that everything will turn out all right. It may have been down the road a ways, but bringing back America’s pastime helped do it.
They finished the regular season with a 97-65 record, which was tied for the best in the Major League. They proceeded to defeat the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALDS, and then moved on to face the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers brought a tough trio of pitchers with at least 200 strikeouts in Anibal Sanchez, Justin Verlander, and Max Scherzer.
After losing game one of the ALCS, the Sox got a grand slam from David Ortiz and a strong effort from new closer Koji Uehara to pick up the win in game 2. Fast forward to game six, the Sox are down 2-1, the bases are loaded and into the batters box steps Shane Victorino. On a 2-0 count off of Jose Verdas, he hits a curveball into the Green Monster to give the Sox, the lead for good; they advance to the World Series to play the Cardinals.
Winning the World Series didn’t come easy, especially after two of the wildest things to ever happen in baseball. In game three, the Cardinals won the game off an obstruction call on Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks. Was it the right call? Yes it was, but what a way to call a game, especially in the World Series.
In game four, Koji Uehara picked off Kolten Wong to end the game. Both of these plays were the first of their kind to end a game in the World Series. They just added to the already built-up anxiety that surrounds the World Series.
I also have to say that without Manager John Farrell, the Red Sox wouldn’t have won the World Series, in my opinion. It takes a great manager to lead a team to the World Series, especially in his first season at the helm. The last manager to do that was Terry Francona in 2004.
After the game, David Ortiz exclaimed his famous quote (look it up on YouTube, it contains some foul language) to celebrate and put the people of Boston at ease. The Sox and all their fans know this World Series win was more special than most.

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