Honors housing gives the students their own place

In addition to the Wellness Housing being offered on campus, Castleton State has instituted honors housing as well.
According to Mike Robilotto, Director of Residence Life, the housing came about in the last year, as a request from the students.
“In a survey, we had a small percentage of students who wanted specialized housing, and even though the numbers were small, the demand seemed real enough that we pursued it,” Robilotto said.
The Wellness Housing in South House filled up with 35 students seeking wellness oriented living environments and Honors housing on the third floor of Ellis filled with 18 students seeking honors oriented housing.
Kristin Helm, a new Area Coordinator on campus and a director of Honors housing in Ellis, says that the program has brought many benefits to the students living there and a great opportunity for the greater community.
“Our initial group was smaller than we hoped for but I think the program has serious potential. Any one placed in Ellis-even if it wasn’t for honors housing-has been influenced by the program. If anything, these honors students help to motivate others to be more active in their education,” said Helm.
Helm adds that she hopes the program will eventually outgrow their space in Ellis and grow to be a program that brings students to Castleton.
Community Advisor to the program, Cameron Maurer, said that he too sees great benefits to the program.
“We have a great cohesive, bonded group of residents in Ellis and everyone gets along. There are no social status problems due to people looking down upon either Honors Housing residents or regular residents. We are all on an even ‘playing ground’ and all of our residents feel the same way. We want to encourage more students to join Honors Housing because of the benefits that we see from the program,” he said.
Maurer and his co-honors CA, Cassie Pinaire, are both honors students as well which Maurer says is conducive to their roles.
Helm seems to agree.
“I have a great group of CAs who work hard to provide the type of environment that students are looking for.  Cameron and Cassie are both honors students, so they understand the pressures. The other students seem to as well, which makes it a great environment,” added Helm.

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