Spartans beat Vt. rivals

The Castleton State College women’s tennis team downed Johnson State College 5-4  Saturday in a rematch with a better outcome.
The first confrontation ended in a 3-6 loss for the Spartans, but it was a different story this time. The Spartans started off down 2-1 in doubles play with a loss by the top doubles team and the third pairing and an 8-4 win by the second ranked team of Olga McIntyre and Ruby Bushey.  

“I thought we played really well. Doubles needs work, but they do not linger on their singles play,” said Coach Rob Purdy. “They seem confident and I’m happy with it.”
The Spartans Sara Novenstern took on the Badgers Annette Kaminski in a three set battle as the number two pairing for a win of 4-6, 6-3, 6-3.  

Olga McIntyre, Ruby Bushey, and Monica Plante gave Castleton additional points with singles victories as the third, fifth and sixth ranked pairings.
Kayden Juaire fell in the fourth ranked slot with a loss to Johnson’s Michelle Mainus while Meghan Susslin lost as the No. 1 ranked Spartan in a three set fight against Deanna Brandstetter.
“I felt like we all had a well-deserved win against Johnson,” said Susslin. “Everybody has worked so hard and I’m very proud of our performance, especially with a new team and all.”
With this win the Spartans record stands at 3-6 and the Badgers fall to 1-7. The Spartans continued their winning ways on Sunday defeating Lyndon State 6-3.

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