On the move, but with a big heart

Is the big heart gone? Rumor around campus is that the “small college with a big heart” is changing to “Castleton on the move.”
The question was posed to Tom Conroy’s public relations class, and answers included “I don’t like it,” “it sounds too vague,” and “we don’t need to be any bigger.” Sophomore, Kelsie Boudreau agrees saying, “what does that even mean?”
But President Dave Wolk in an interview, said students shouldn’t worry because the small college with a big heart is not gone.
He said “Castleton on the move” was simply the title of his convocation speech. For the record, Colleen Klatt, Dean of College Advancement, said Castleton doesn’t really have a “slogan,” but has just become well known as the small college with a big heart.  

Small College with a big heart originated in 2001, Wolk said.
“I heard it and it just stuck,” Wolk said.
Wolk was unaware that students and faculty thought the big heart nickname was being replaced.
“We are an extended family. We don’t want to get so big that we don’t know each other by name and just become serial numbers,” Wolk said.
 But he said Castleton now has an art gallery in downtown Rutland, Spartan Arena in Rutland town, a partnership with the Paramount Theater and soon will have the dome in Rutland town. These illustrate the Castleton is growing, but just not as much on the campus, he said.
“We have pretty much reached our capacity for our footprint, but to survive we need to grow,” said Wolk, further explaining his Castleton on the move theme.

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