Jane Foley works hard at CSC behind the scenes

Sometimes it is easy to overlook things in life, like how faculty and staff at Castleton State College tirelessly work to make Castleton “the small college with the big heart.”
Jane Foley, the school’s director of Creative Services, is one of those people.
Foley, who has worked at Castleton for almost 27 years, said she has loved her time here.
“I feel really lucky to work here. I love the colleagues and students who I am fortunate enough to spend time with every day,” Foley said with a smile.
The always positive and upbeat Foley was born in Boston, Mass., but moved to Fair Haven, Vt. when she was 5 years old. Growing up, her family raised beef cattle, which she and her husband continue to do today.
“Last week, all of the calves escaped onto the road and I had to run out there and chase them back into the yard,” Foley said with a laugh.
Foley and her husband, Mike, have two children, Alexandra and Shawn. She also just became a grandmother when Alexandra had a baby girl named Charlotte. She loves that all her family is still in Vermont.
 “I like to be at home; we have lots of acres of land. Being outdoors is a passion of mine, whether it be gardening, hiking, or taking my dog, Peda, for walks.”
Foley also loves that she has been able to see how much her job has evolved with the constant improvement in technology.
“I no longer have to do everything by hand and drive to Rutland to bring in film. Before computers, things took much longer to do,” she said. “The past 10 years have been incredibly exciting for me; seeing all of the improvements we have made around campus makes me really proud to work here.”
Ennis Duling, who retired a year ago as the communication director at Castleton, was fortunate enough to spend 25 years working with Foley.
“The years we worked together we experienced big bursts in technology. I noticed Jane had a big impact on the college in two ways. First of all, whenever the newest technology, such as computer programs came out, she insisted on learning about it. She wanted to master it and be great at it,” said Duling. “Secondly and more importantly, Jane’s relationship with her student workers was outstanding. I think her positive influence had a big impact on their lives.”
Her boss, Kate Richards, also praised Foley.
“Jane is the friendliest, most outgoing person I’ve ever met. Her amazing ability to connect with co-workers and students is extremely inspiring,” she said.
You might be fortunate enough to run into Foley when she is snapping photos around campus for the college or attending performances at the Castleton Fine Arts Center or watching different athletic events at the college.
“You hear over and over that the people at Castleton are special, but it’s true,” she said.

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