Energy and options at WIUV

“Hello Castleton! This is The Ginger and Happy Bunny and welcome to girl’s night here on WIUV Castleton 91.3,” a sunny, energetic voice pipes through on the radio waves of Castleton.

Maggie Lewis, a sophomore affectionately labeled “the Ginger” who has been involved as one of several DJs on the campus’ student-run radio station, said if people aren’t listening to WIUV, they’re missing out.

“There’s a lot of stuff you wouldn’t hear on a regular radio station, because you get to hear people that are just like you,” Lewis said.

Tasks for WIUV DJs include everything from choosing songs and arranging playlists, to starting up open, on-air conversations that callers are urged to join in on.

“It’s a little bit of everything,” Lewis said. “You can honestly go from classic rock, to dub step, to pop – pretty much anything … So there is something for everyone.”

CSC Junior Leah Barnett agrees.

“Other radio stations play the same type of music over and over again. So I think it’s better because everyone can listen to something they enjoy.”

But a major problem is getting the word out about just how good and diverse the station is becoming, said freshman Vanessa Robertson.

Leaders of the station and its staff this semester are working hard to change that.  

“We definitely have high hopes for it. We have over 20 new DJs and live shows on air this year that we didn’t have last year,” says Lewis, who sits in on two other shows, “Serious Business,” and “Poor Taste.”

The station’s faculty advisor, Robert Wuagneux said he loves the direction the station is heading in.

“There’s a high interest level that is really coming alive,” he said, adding that because the station streams online, the listener base has spread to places as far as the UK, Ireland, and Spain.

WIUV’s Music Director, Zach Scheffler, is equally excited by the energy at WIUV this year.

“It’s very fun. As things go forward I think it’ll get even more popular and more professional, and it’ll stay fun,” he said.

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