Wolk: “Castleton on the move”

On Aug. 29, at approximately 4 p.m., the Casella Theater in the Fine Arts Center was filled with faculty, staff and students prepared to witness yet another fall convocation.

The National Anthem was a heartwarming way to open the event, which was soon followed by a speech by President Dave Wolk about the goals, plans ad past successes of the college. Wolk also introduced new employees.

“It’s great to see President Wolk open convocation by introducing the new staff. He really showed that Castleton is a true family,” said freshman Corey Woods. Then came the awards including “Employee of the Semester,” “Commuter Student of the Semester Award” and “Outstanding Alumni Award.”

Wolk informed all the faculty, staff and students of all the changes and improvements made to the college over the summer including renovated Huden Dining Hall and residence halls, new tennis courts under the lights and air conditioning in Leavenworth Hall.  

Wolk constantly used the term “Castleton on the move,” letting the audience know that the improvements and growth won’t stop with those examples. 

“We accomplished everything we wanted to in our 10-year plan that we set a decade ago,” he said, adding that now the college is embarking on a new 10-year plan.

For some in attendance, talk of the future of Castleton was inspiring.

“Learning about the planning for the years to come, improvements that will bring more students in and learning how we will connect to the community around campus and in cities close by was definitely my favorite part of convocation,” said senior Andrew Pursell

The Collegiate Chorale and 2013 Castleton football team joined together to sing the Castleton Anthem, a high point for one team member.

“Joining together with my team to sing the Castleton Anthem for the faculty and staff in the audience was really cool. That was easily my favorite part of the afternoon,” freshman Anthony Porcelli said.

It’s great to learn about what the people around us are doing to improve our living styles here on campus. It’s also great to connect as a family. Castleton, the small college with a big heart has worked all summer to make our experience at Castleton the best it can be. It’s nice to know that our college is always updating everything from athletics to academics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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