New courts a hit with students

New tennis courts were built at Castleton State College over the summer, and students are psyched.

The new courts are greatly appreciated by members and coaches of the tennis teams who previously were forced to play matches at Grand Slam Tennis in Rutland because of the lack of courts at Castleton.

“I’ve been playing on hard courts; I’ve been playing on grass courts; I’ve been playing on clay courts; I’ve been on a lot of hard courts over the course of my collegiate career, just playing around casually, but these courts … I cannot say enough good things about these courts,” said tennis team member Matt Trombley.

The courts are located next to physical plant behind the South Street lot.

The old courts were demolished two years ago to make way for the Hoff Hall dormitory.

Women’s tennis coach Rob Purdy raves about the new courts.

 “The old courts were pretty beat. They were pretty fast with no cushion,” Purdy said. “These are well-cushioned, the way they manufactured them – they can add any amount of grit to them.”

On a walk down South Street, you notice the stadium-sized lights lining the courts.

Aside from the condition of the courts, the lights are the most talked about feature because they allow evening matches.

“We’ve been some places where they finish in the dark,” said Purdy, adding that the lights were especially useful in helping the team finish a match that went on late into the afternoon.

The lights have even helped bring in new players as they increase the accessibility of the courts.

“They’re convenient due to the times you can go, because of the lights,” said Castleton student Nate Dupras, who recently picked up tennis.

There are three rows of courts with two courts per row, allowing for multiple games to be played at once. The number of courts even allows community members access without having to be near the students.

Purdy and Dupras said they have seen several community members using the courts and even Dupras noted that he saw the courts in use.

Trombley said he is excited to get out and play on the courts.

“Nothing beats brand new,” he said.

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