SGA kicks down for a new tent

This year’s graduation will have a new tent thanks to the Student Government Association donating $100,000 to the school at its May 1 meeting.

The amount donated will cover almost half the more than $200,000 cost of the tent. That figure also covers set up, tear down, cleaning and storing.

Colleen Kunz, a current delegate and next year’s secretary, said she is all for the donation.

“It’s a good investment,” Kunz said. “We use it about six times a year. Everyone will have the chance to use it.”

At the same meeting, Vice President Corrie Keener said SGA members might even request some sort of emblem on the tent to show they contributed a hefty donation.

“It’s free publicity for the SGA,” Keener said.

Also at the meeting, Keener suggested donating $3,930 to help fix the senior class window from 1927 in Woodruff Hall. The window is currently in brutal shape due to the many windstorms, she said.

“It would just be a nice gesture,” Keener said.

At a previous meeting held on April 24, Vice President of Academics Erica Bilodeau spoke about sending out invitations to everyone nominated for the award ceremony.

Bilodeau hopes that by keeping the award winners names a secret, there will be more people at the ceremony out of curiosity.

Also at the meeting on April 24, Keener said that she had been having trouble figuring out how they were going to get seniors from graduation practice to the candle lighting. But it looks as if they may have found
a way.

Any senior who attends the candle lighting vigil will then get a senior

“Anyone with a senior shirt will have free admissions to Fish Tails to
walk the plank,” Keener said.

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