Swap and sell preview

Starting next semester we would like to start a buy, swap, and sell section in the Castleton Spartan newspaper. Due to the great feedback on the Spartan Facebook page, we plan to move ahead with the idea next semester.

                 This will be a great place for people to send us descriptions of items they want to buy, swap or sell. Anything from books, clothing and equipment to furniture, odds and ends will be welcome to place small ads with us.

                We will accept only serious advertisements and the contact information should be provided to us. We are not selling your stuff for you, just throwing it out there where people can see it! We will have a limited number of spaces per issue so, please keep this in mind.

                In addition to in-print space, we hope to connect this page to our website to provide an online domain for this same type of “classifieds” setting.

This is just a reminder for everyone to start looking for it in the paper starting next semester! Please send us your deals at thespartan@castleon.edu!

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