Game review: Dead or Alive 5

“Dead or Alive 5” is a two-player fighting game made by the developers Team Ninja and the publishers Temco Koei– the Japanese company responsible for the “Dead or Alive” series. The game came out for the Playstation3 and Xbox 360 in September 2012, but is still current enough to play in 2013.  Besides the PS3 and 360, players can also engage in online fighting one-on-one with other players. 

            Some of the characters are Kasumi: a female runaway ninja who is currently trying to defeat her clone Alpha-152; Bayman: a Russian soldier/assassin, now a mercenary who is extremely strong and was almost killed him by a mysterious killer (but we don’t know why) which left him a vicious scar across his face. Another is Bass Armstrong: the father of Tina Armstrong, and a former American professional wrestler who became a worker on an oil platform worker after his retirement from the ring. In addition, there’s Lei Fang: a Chinese female star of T’ai chi ch’uan. She travels and spars now and dreams of being champion in the “DOA5” tournament. 

            The graphics in the fighting sequences are stunning, and the characters’ outfits fit their origin and style of fighting, as well as personality.

            Game reviewers gave “DOA5” generally good ratings. Games Radar gave it 4 stars out 5 stars.  International Gaming Network gave it an 8.8/10, and Edge Gaming gave it a 6/10.

            As for this gamer, “DOA5” gets a rating of 9/10.   Each of the different battle sequences has music that helps a player get pumped.  With the chance to play the story line from different characters perspectives, awesome graphics and lively characters with great background stories, “DOA5” shouldn’t be missed.

            This gamer rented “DOA5”  from before deciding to buy the game.   I decided it is worth owning, so I can have fun playing it whenever I want.         

            Have an extreme blast playing “Dead or Alive 5”, and enjoy the amazing storyline!!


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