Right to Play Club is at it again


Last year, Castleton State College teamed up with the Right to Play charity for a Guinness Book of World Record breaking 41 hours of dodge ball.

This year, the event will be barefoot soccer.

Right to Play Club member Dan Bell was part of choosing barefoot soccer as the event.

“We want to put ourselves in the kids’ situation to not have equipment or shoes,” Bell said.

With last year’s effort exceeding the original goal of $1,000 and then surpassing the second goal of $5,000, students have high hopes for this year’s event.

When it was all tallied, the Castleton community through the dodge ball event raised $7,500 for the Right to Play organization, which provides sports equipment for kids in underprivileged nations.

Brett Zeggil, captain of the men’s hockey team and the president of the Right to Play Club at Castleton State College, discussed why he wants to fundraise once again.

“From the beginning, it was always set out to be a long term thing. We had so many people beyond who played, tons of volunteers. So this year we want to involve more people and have even greater success,” he said.

Right to Play is an international organization that began in 1993 by Norwegian speed skater Johann Olav Koss. When Koss visited Africa, he saw how the children had no proper equipment to play with, and he wanted to change that for them.

Zeggil sent one school-wide email and ever since, his phone has been blowing up with messages from students who are interested in playing or volunteering for this year’s event.

“Its great to see more people getting involved. Last year there were only four in the whole country. Part of last year’s goal was to get it recognized and get more people to hear about it. This year, we already have that success, we have way more people wanting to be involved, and it’s great, I love it.”

On April 28, 40 students will take the field at Spartan Stadium at 4 p.m. for an outdoor barefoot soccer.

New to the event this year is the ability for online donations prior to the event. Donations can also be made at the event. T-shirts will also be sold at the stadium and there will be auctions, a 50/50 draw and pizza for sale.

To get involved to play, volunteer, join the club or make donations, please contact Brett Zeggil by email at Brett.zeggil@castleton.edu





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