Sports talk with Evan Michaud

Though it may not look like it outside, spring sports are upon us. The men’s lacrosse team wrapped up their nonconference schedule with a 2-2 record as they prepare for conference play to begin on March 23. In baseball, the team ventured south to Virginia looking for kind weather and similar results. Unfortunately they could only muster one win in their first four tries. A good recovery will be vital as their next six games are on the road before facing Wentworth on March 30 at home.

The women’s lacrosse team got off to a tough start with four straight losses. Their next three games are home, so hopefully the friendly confines of Spartan Stadium will help turn things around. The softball team has yet
to record their first win, but they will have a clean slate when conference play begins.

In the mid to late season dog days of both the NBA and NHL, it is nice to take a few weeks off and turn
our attention to the NCAA Tournament. Yes, I’m talking about March Madness, when no name schools battle against lineups full of future pros, and where 15 seeds can knock off two seeds and ruin everyone’s bracket.

Even as I watched the conference tournaments last week, I could feel the excitement through my TV. Being at the America East final at UVM was even crazier, and watching Albany’s players and fans storm the court at
the final buzzer gave me chills. Especially for the lower level conferences who only get one bid to the dance, this may be the only time to both compete against the best, and to just be able to say you were in the tournament.

After the last few conference tournaments finished on Sunday, I was ready with all my empty brackets to start putting the pieces in place. Over the three and a half days between Selection Sunday and the start of the
tournament on Thursday, millions of people log on to numerous sites for their chance to predict the entire
tournament. Bets are placed between friends, colleagues, and classmates.

I marked March 21 in my calendar about six months ago and I will certainly be locked in to as many games as possible. Yes, I even formed my class schedule to not have anything in the afternoon for days such as these. Some think the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday, but if there is one sporting event worthy of taking a day or two off, it’s the NCAA Tournament.

If you’re lacking drama or excitement in your life, fill out a bracket this week and tune in to see these college kids give more than they thought was possible.
My advice, pick a No. 12 to beat a No. 5. It’s almost a given.

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