Spartan Standout: Lax attack Alex Green

For the past three years, junior Alex Green has been ripping the nets off the pipes out on Spartan stadium, tallying just over 80 goals in his first two seasons at Castleton. I sat down with the Vermont born and raised lax sensation to catch a glimpse into the life of a Spartan sharp shooter.

Q: What’s it like getting smacked by a six foot pole everyday?

A: It’s not fun. Once I get hit it reminds me that I have to get my feet going and start running right by ’em.

Q: What’s your most epic story from the lacrosse field?

A: Winning the NAC Championship my freshman year and playing Middlebury in the first round of the NCAA tournament. I grew up watching Middlebury and was always imagining what it would be like to play at that level, and next thing I know I was playing against them in the NCAA tournament.

 Q: What’s your favorite song to listen to before a game?

A: Cowboy by Kid Rock

Q: Who inspired you growing up?

A: I was inspired by my older brother Andrew. He always pushed me. Watching him be successful through hard work has made me want to do the same.

Q: What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to leap playing sports your whole life?

A: This past summer I had brain surgery and it has really been tough, more mentally than physically. After the surgery trying to convince myself that I can get back and play my heart out on the field without having to worry
about anything else has been the hardest part.

Q: What was your favorite childhood TV show?

A: Rocket Power for sure.

Q: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

A: I like to go out on the turf and shoot to get a chance to visualize and focus on what I’ve got to do.

Q: Who’s your favorite pro athlete?

A: Tyler Seguin, he never takes a game off and he’s not afraid to have a good time.

Q: What are your plansafter Castleton?

A: I want to do the coaching program in England where I will live and travel around Europe getting paid to coach lacrosse. Then I want to be a high school athletic director and coach.

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