Alanah Fortin just has to follow Kim Kardashian.

            For Katharine Hobart it’s Mumford and Sons.

            And for Bryan Wadsworth, believe it or not, it’s sex facts of life.

            Twitter, which many speculate is overtaking Facebook in social media popularity, allows people to keep track of every waking moment in the lives of their favorite celebrities.

As twitter became universal in 2006, major corporations and organizations jumped on the trend band wagon by ‘tweeting’ company updates to their employees and followers. Hard news companies, like New York Times and Wall Street Journal, update their Twitter, on average, every 30 minutes.

“I’ve attended a lot of conferences where Twitter was the main source for updates,” said Erica Bilodeau, Castleton State College senior. “I follow the speakers and my mentors from those conferences who share information that I will use in my future career in higher education.”

As for the younger generation, 9 out of 10 Castleton students interviewed said they only subscribed to follow the current trend. But, a recent San Francisco University study has shown that younger age groups ranging in their early to mid-teens have a greater attachment. Many believe it’s their first exposure to social media, which derived their addiction, while late teens, early adults have already experienced media sites like MySpace and Facebook.

“My friends made me get it. I don’t use it a lot, maybe once or twice a week,” said Castleton sophomore Ashley Billings.

Four other Castleton students said the same thing and proclaimed they made an account, but never find the desire to log in.

On the contrary, experts have predicted that Twitter’s fate rests in good hands, unlike previous social media sites before it.

 “Eventually Facebook will go the way of MySpace. It will come back incarnated as something else. That’s exactly what happened to the newspaper. The newspaper died and came back as Twitter. But, Twitter is here to stay,” said The Street blogger, Bruce Springsteen, and no, not the singer.

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