TBA event rocks Castleton

Chad Voghell sits back behind a soundboard and enjoys the ten-hour music performance of Total Backstage Access, better known as T.B.A.

            This ten-hour performance is a free concert that has many different genres of music and performers.

             “The whole show takes place backstage, a place very few people ever get to go,” said Voghell, the founder of the event.
            The theater department’s tech service crew runs the whole show. They set up the night before the big day and they tear everything down the minute the concert is over the next night.
            “One thing I’ll never forget about this year was sitting on the stage playing with the moving lights at 2 in the morning making the eye of Sauron and the Deathly Hallows with the Movers,” said John Lucas, a crew member.

            This year, T.B.A took place on Feb. 9 in the Campus Center. However, in the past the concert took place in Casella Theater.
            “I like the venue, a lot! It gave people the opportunity to mix and mingle. The Fine Arts Center is sometimes very huge and I prefer intimate audiences. I don’t like that stadium type of feel,” said Robert Waugneux “You can literally see people keeping time, singing along, or moving their lips.”
            Along with Waugneux performing were many other genres and styles of music. At 2:00 P.M when the whole event started, Mike Mitrano and R.J Leite took the stage upstairs of the campus center. They performed mainly covers like “Hey Ya,” by Outkast and “Black Hole Sun,” by Sound Garden.
            “I was very excited to perform! I was also satisfied when I was done and I hope to do it again next year,” said R.J Leite.
            The night ended with Waugneux performing songs such as “When I’m Sixty-Four,” by The Beatles.
            “The best part about performing at this event is connecting with students at another level rather than being a faculty member. They get an opportunity to see me as an artist,” said Waugneux.

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