New proposal could provide recreational equiptment to students

Have you ever wanted to take advantage of the different facilities or leisure activities that Castleton has to offer? Were you unable to because you don’t have the necessary equipment?

A new proposal submitted to the Student Government Association could prevent that from happening in the future.

Castleton State College has facilities and programs on campus to provide the Castleton community with many ways to stay active and have fun. With two gymnasiums, racquetball courts, a swimming pool, and the multi-use stadium, there is something for everyone. The Castleton Campus also offers a beach volleyball court and baseball and softball fields.

The downfall is that the majority of these options require you to bring your own equipment.

“We have great sport facilities on campus, but students do not have any access to shared items to enjoy these facilities,” said Andy Vermilyea, a natural sciences professor who reached out to the Student Government Association about purchasing equipment to fix that problem.

Vermilyea suggested providing basketballs, soccer balls, racquetball equipment and ice skates. Depending on available space, he alsoproposed that the items could be signed out from the desk in the Glenbrook lobby in exchange for one’s Castleton ID.

“Just an idea, but this might get students together utilizing our facilities more,” said Vermilyea.

Student Josh Budzinski, in response to an online poll on the subject, said he would suggest some of the more common sports balls and “ice skates for sure.” Another student, Chelsea Burke, agreed that students should definitely have access to ice skates. With the new skating rink installed under the pavilion, 23 out of 25 students interviewedin the dining hall said that they wish they had skates so they could use the facility.

But it’s not just skates, school officials say.

“I feel bad. I had a kid come into my office and ask if I could get a basketball for him to use from the PE department and I had to say no,” said Diane Saltis in the athletics office.

She said that there are always people asking for equipment, but she also said that supervision for the loaning program would be an issue.

“There would need to be someone working at the front desk all the time. With the overlap of winter and spring sports, the local schools’ vacations, and the student’s desire to play, the traffic flow in through here is already increasing.”

Members of the Student Government Association have received similar proposals in the past. Last year, the SGA helped purchase new ropes and shoes for use in the Rock Climbing Gym.  The SGA also plans to assist the Outing Club in obtaining updated outdoor equipment for students to use in the near future. When presented with the idea of also providing items for the traditional recreational activities, members saidthey would consider it.

 “We will have to look into the logistics of maintaining such a program, but the student government is always looking for ways to provide more recreational activities to students at no cost to them,” said SGA President Michael Shalginewicz.

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