New program advisor at CSC

Ever walk into the SGA office and wonder who the guy is sitting straight in front of you? He’s the one usually at his computer emailing or on the phone booking a van while dealing with the questions that students stop to ask him.

That’s Alex Davis, the new program advisor at Castleton State College. He’s the guy who oversees all the colleges clubs, who manages the Campus Center, helps out with Safe Ride and had a graduate assistant internship on top.

Davis is a recent graduate of Castleton who took over as program advisor for John Aellig. He started off at Castleton as a community advisor and said he loved every minute of the experience.

 “I had a lot of fun working with my co-workers and supervisors while I was a CA,” said Davis.

 Davis was also a SOS leader and did a lot of work with Upward Bound. He said heenjoys being able to help people get the things they need to be successful. 

Davis was offered the program advisor job the end of his senior yearand wasreally excited that he got to stay at Castleton and be around all of his friends. Program advisors have typicallybeen a lot older then Davis in the past, but while he may havelittle background in the position, he said he isvery familiar with the students and knowing what they need in order to be successful. 

Working with the colleges clubs is one of his main jobs. Davis loves the questions and loves to come across the different kinds of clubs that students want to start. The most recent club that stuck out to him was a Sasquatch hunting group called the Castleton Squatching Association.

“I just like to think of them as a great, recent example of student interest being transformed into an organized club, given that enough students are interested,” said Davis.

Davis said he is always open to new ideas and ready to get you what you need, and students say he’s not kidding.

“He is very helpful and good about keeping everything updated,” said Castleton student Corrie Keener, SGA vice president and senior class treasurer

Fellow SGA member Erica Bilodeau agreed.  

“He has taken on additional responsibilities and is a great resource for club officers and student leaders,” shesaid.

 Davis handles a lot on a daily basis including emailing, phone calls, setting up meetings and taking care of every student who shows up in need of club help.

“Alex helped me every step of the way to get my fleet license and then made sure I had a van for my team. It’s great to have someone so personable in his role,” said Erin Devost, Castleton’s women’s rugby secretary. 

 Students say Davis genuinely seems to care about every student he deals with. His passion for Castleton is something that is not hidden.

“Castleton State College really gives every student an opportunity for every student to make a name for themselves and get involved,” said Davis.


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