Music Review: Weezer

Welcome back readers, time for a new music review. It’s an oldie but goodie, the Weezer Blue Album. Weezer had a rough start with their first album like most bands do, but yet they have become a huge success. This album in my opinion has six amazing songs and four good songs.

The album starts out strong with “My name is Jonas,” which gives listeners a feel for their music. This song has an alternative, indie, and punk feel to it. The next song comes on good and strong.  “No one else” is a classic break up song. It gives you a heavy beat with catchy lyrics about how lead singer River Cuomo wants to find a girlfriend who will stay with him even when he’s on the road. The next song starts to lose its good vibes. “The world has turned and left me here” in my opinion is a continuation of “No one else” but focuses on the aftermath of the break up. I can hear the regret and loneliness within the lyrics.

“Buddy Holly” turns the beat around, giving more good vibes and an awesome beat that you can move around to. The next song “Undone-the Sweater song” is one of my favorites because it starts out with this awesome mellow song that’s good for chilling, but then it turns into a heavy and lively rock song. Unfortunately “Surf Wax America” is a more juvenile song that has a decent rhythm but lacks the depth I felt from the other songs.

“Say it ain’t so” is my favorite song on this album because I can feel the anger, sadness, and yearning for love in it. To me this song is about forgiveness and patching things up not only with someone else, but also with himself.

The song “In the garage” was just too boring for me. It was about nerds whose only escape is a garage. I can relate to feeling of not being liked by others but serious you don’t need a whole song just to tell people you have little to no friends. Luckily “Holiday” brings you back to the good vibes and great rhythm of the album. My favorite part of this song is in the middle, which has a doo-wop style to it. Also I like how the song is about just taking a vacation or holiday to escape everyday life.

Lastly “Only in dreams” makes a decent attempt at making a good closing song. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good mellowish song but I feel as if “Holiday” and “Only in dreams” should have switched places. I think that “Holiday” could have wrapped it up better.

That completes my review of Weezer’s Blue Album and next issue I will feature I’m With You by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.


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