“Dry dorm” available at Castleton

Castleton State College students not into the living the party scene will soon have a living space to accommodate them.

There has been a lot of talk about this so-called “substance free” free housing optionthat will startnext semester, but there seems to be a bit of confusion on what it really is. Michael Robilotto, director of Residence Life, and Area Coordinator Madeline Hope, describedthe “substance free living option” as Wellness Housing.

It will be located in South House starting next fall, they said.

“Wellness housing will be a living environment focused on the pursuit of individual and community wellness,” said Hope. “The community pursues wellness in many different ways: physical, mental, social, intellectual, spiritual, and environmental.”

 Hope and Robillotto both said that there are many different ways to define wellness, which is why there was a wellness-housing contract that will be put into place for those living in South House.

This contract notes that it does not guarantee you a place to live nor does it obligate you to live in the Wellness House. On the other side of the contract there are also three questions each person will have to answer on what wellness means to you.

Everyone living in or those desiring to live in this building still have to go through the normal process of housing selection.

And once accepted to live there, they have to adhere to the rules of the house.

“Students who live in the Wellness House will be expected to abstain from use of alcohol and other drugs in South House, however if they are of age they are permitted to use alcohol and tobacco outside of the building,” Hope said.

But living there isn’t just about abstaining from drinking and drugs while there.

“The house will provide wellness specific events and activities for students and students will be encouraged to share their own passions with the community,” Hope said.

Castleton PresidentDave Wolk said he likes the idea of Wellness Housing.

“I support the concept of themed housing whereby like-minded students can choose to live in an environment that best suits their needs and interests. I expect that there will be other groups of students who align themselves in the future, perhaps around interests such as a foreign language or commitment to our green campus and sustainability. I expect these choices will further enhance the quality of student life at Castleton,” Wolk said.

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