College plans for the next 10 years

With the completion of every successful plan comes the grueling process of formulating a new one. Here at Castleton State College, the successful end of a 10-year plan means the planning process is back on.

In an email to the students, professor Denny Shramek noted the successes of the college to maintain its vision over the last 10 years and the importance of directing it even more so now.

“Because the current ten-year plan for our college runs its course this year, many members of the college community have been carefully considering the nature of the next ten-year plan.  Last fall, for example, by way of meetings large and small, the college produced a vision statement that will guide the college toward a general destination during the next decade,” said Shramek.

 “With that destination in mind, now is the time to produce the next 10-year plan itself, which will function something like a map to that destination.”

What speaks to the greater nature of CSC is that this email was not simply sent to faculty and staff, but students as well.

The email urged students to contact Dean of Students Tony Peffer to join on these committees to help guide and secure the future success of Castleton State as a whole.

In a later email, Shramek noted that there will be seven committees, each focused on issues directly relating to their committee titles.

Those committees are the Graduate Education Committee, the Undergraduate Education Committee, the Funding Committee, the Growth Committee, the Infrastructure Committee, the Faculty and Staff Support Committee, and the College and Town Committee. 

“The result of that work will be a Castleton Plan report, drafts of which will eventually be considered at Town Hall meetings in late March and then at Faculty Assembly,” said Shramek.

Dean of Administration Scott Dikeman marveled at what the school has accomplished.

 “Look at we’ve done in 10 years,” he said in an open Infrastructure Committee meeting alluding to the successful completion of college goals thus far.

In that same meeting, Peffer was quick to note how “noble” he felt student involvement was and continues to be in this planning process.

“When students join these committees or even come and speak at our meetings, it means thinking and planning for a future that they won’t necessarily be here to see. It’s a very noble thing for students to do. I will be here in 10 years, students who help won’t be,” said Peffer.

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