The legacy of Shane Brozowski

The crowd was electric with just seconds left in the fourth quarter at Spartan Stadium. First and 10 from the Mt. Ida 15 yard line and senior Quarterback Shane Brozowski fakes the pass to the right and runs it up the middle for the game winning touchdown against the hatedconference rival!

It was that day, that comeback drive, that play on Oct. 2,2010 that some might say really started Brozowski’s legacy. He led the team to victory in what was then one of the program’s biggest games. But it would be only one of countless impressive performances orchestrated by the nationally ranked quarterback.

Brozowski has been the mostprominent name in theCastleton football program and everyone, especially the coaches, know that.

“Shane will be forever known as the first starting quarterback when the program started,” said Head Coach Marc Klatt.

Of course, like with most All-Stars, therecomes the bumpy road. Brozowski , even with the great career, has been put into some tough situations along the way.

After a stellar season in 2010, a team issue regarding NCAA violations led to the resignation of former head coach Rich Alercio and Brozowski was forced to learn an entirely new offense the following season.

This past summer, leading into his senior year here at Castleton State College, his home in Rensselaer, N.Y. caught on fire on July 1 while he was away during military business.

The team rallied together and helped him and his family out by giving them things that they needed including blankets, pillows, sheets and clothes.

But the killer news came in recent days asthe team was on its way to the program’s first conference championship when Brozowski in the week prior was plagued with a season ending injury to his leg and was unable to play.

As he told his offensive line to change their protection scheme, Brozowski snapped the ball saw that no one was open and elected to run it himself straight up the field. He made it seven yards before being dragged down from behind with giant arms draped around his neck. He fell awkwardly to the ground snapping his leg.

“I knew instantly my season was done,” said Brozowski.

But being the leader he is, immediately following the game the week before the championship, Brozowski stressed to his teammates that he had full confidence in them to go on without him.

Brandon Boyle,junior wide receiver and Brozowski’s favorite target, attests to that to the resiliency Brozowski shows on a consistent basis overcoming every obstacle put in his way.

“He [Brozowski] was never satisfied. Very humble…always studying and very smart,” said Boyle.

Humble is the perfect word to describe Brozowski. He understands the game of football and knows the full recipe for success.

“Feels good all the hard work has paid off…individual accolades are nice, but doing it as a team is better,” said Brozowski.

While taking the snaps for the Spartans, teammates felt very confident Brozowski would make decisions that would almost always bring them success.

“Nothing to worry about with him at quarterback. H always put us in the right position to win us the game,” said senior offensive linemen Ron Daigle.

Brozowski’s collegiate career is finished, but hedoesn’t intend to stop doing what he loves most.

“[I want to] play football and actually get paid to play something I love. After that, try and be a state trooper and while owning my own landscaping business,” hesaid of his goals after CSC.

Through his ups and downs during his tenure at Castleton,he’s overcome great adversityand has become one of the greatest quarterbacks in division three and to this point the best in Castleton State College history. Football has always been his sanctuary and got him through it all.

“A lot of stuff went wrong off the field, but football has always kept me on track. It has really helped with my life experiences,” said Brozowski.

Shane Brozowski’s 2012 National Rankings among all Quarterbacks for Division 3:

  • 2ndin passing yards per game.
  • 5thin passing.
  • 4thin total passing yards (3,294 in 9 ½ games. The NFL’s passing leader last year was 5,476 in 16 games…and currently holds the record for most ever.)
  • 5thin total offense.


  • Was selected to play in 5 all-star games and 2 bowl games.

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