Student gets modeling contract with Orvis

Presentations, finals — and photo shoots?

Bryanna Allen-Rickstad’s uncle, a former writer for Orvis, recently sent in a family photo that photographer Jay Martin, got his hands on.  

He found his new inspiration for the next Orvis catalog.

Allen-Rickstad was contacted through e-mail days later and asked questions about her height, weight, shoe size and bust size.

She was a little taken back when she read “wear a bra and underwear you’re comfortable in because you’ll be standing there in it while they dress you.”

Most girls dream of having a stylist and racks upon racks of clothing to try on, but for Rickstad it’s a reality.

“I’m pretty excited. I have stuff booked for like six months,” said Allen-Rickstad, who also will be working for the L.L. Bean catalog.

For a college student, $90 an hour alone speaks for itself, but getting your picture taken in brand new threads is a total bonus. She gets both while judges decide which clothes look good together. When they think the outfit is perfect and complete they photograph it in a photo shoot.

Right now the modeling will take place in Manchester, Vt. but Orvis has a UK London clothing line which Alen-Rickstad hopes to be a part of.

Modeling is a demanding world, she said. She said girls have to be a certain height and weight and she’s happy her height has finally meant something.

“Finally my awkward height has paid off. Now I can make some bank and just run with this,” she said.

After the first day of modeling, Allen-Rickstad said it went much differently than she had imagined it would. She started out doing something called a Style Out, which consisted of going through at least 100 outfits.

“My favorite things were a Burberry trench coat and a funky retro one piece bathing suit in lime green. It kind of reminded me of something Marilyn Monroe would wear,” she said.

She said this was just the preview and she will be going back soon to photograph for the actual catalog.

Allen-Rickstad is psyched about this new opportunity and doesn’t think it’s going to interfere with her school work.

“Both school and modeling are really important to me, so I will find a way to make it work,” she said.

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