SGA doles out loot, plans second forum

In the recent weeks at Castleton, the Student Government Association has been wrapping up the end of the semester.

                After a decent turnout at the SGA led alcohol forum, members are planning another more open and better advertised forum to discuss the recent complaints and to address the greater community about issues of disrespect. The next  discussion won’t only include only college community members, but the police and community residents as well.

                Campus Activities Board member Andre Coutu agreed that another meeting might be useful, but asked “Where do we really go from here?”

                SGA program advisor Alex Davis also reiterated the need for another forum.

                “I think it would be more productive though, if we decided to have a moderator,” he said.

                SGA President Michael Shalginewicz, despite complaints from many students, also praised the college’s recent decision to give $5,000 to the local police force.

                “I don’t think it’s a bad thing. What if we have an emergency, it’s better to have someone on active duty, then in their bed,” he said.

                In attempting to answer the ongoing outcry from the community, Vice President of Academics for SGA, Erica Bilodeau said she hoped to get more insight from the faculty before proceeding.

                “I think it’s important to get the faculty more involved. We need to have an open discussion with the faculty and really ask them what’s the difference between this year and previous ones,” said Bilodeau.

                She also suggested a survey to help along with this process. In addition to surveying faculty, Bilodeau thought that another similar survey aimed at the community and police department would help to gain a better scope of the issues, changes and possible solutions.

                While still tackling the recent complaints aimed at students both on- and off -campus, the SGA’s attention hasn’t wavered from their duties on campus as well.

                In the last two meetings, the distribution of funds has proven to be less controversial issue for the group, as they have awarded more than $10,000 to various groups and associations.

Two of the biggest checks were to send cheerleaders to support the football team at the  ECAC Northeast BowlChampionship atSt.Fisher and funding the Social Issues Club’s clean-up  effort in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.

                The SGA approved another $3,400 for a Science Club trip in April to New York City.

                “I’m proud that they put in for this trip so early. They planned really well to reserve the vans and to have enough time to fundraise,” said Shalginewicz.

The SGA is also attempting to redesign their Constitution. While the Constitution was left unfinished by the preceding SGA members, Vice President Corrie Keener is hopeful that revisions will be ready for SGA member review and a vote by the end of the semester.

                Also at the last two SGA meetings:

  • Megan Breen was nominated and voted into the open CAB membership position.
  • Coutu, in addition to planning more night events to wrap up the semester,  is looking to planning a “Headphone Disco”-an outdoor rave where everyone listens in via connected head phones.
  • The Food Committee is still struggling with membership. Bilodeau urges students to get involved saying that it is far less formal than people often think of a committee and that “It’s not that hard and Jeff is awesome.” The committee meets Thursdays at 5:30 in the Alumni Room of Huden Hall.

Safe Ride volunteering is down. “In order to continue to offer this service, people have to get involved ,” said Shalginewicz. Those interested in volunteering should contact Adam Diemar at is Castleton e-mail;

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