Music review: Tool

Welcome back readers. This week I’m talking about the band Tool – an alternative metal and art rock band that knows how to rock. If you mixed System of a Down, Metallica, and Godsmack together you would have Tool. Today I’ll be talking about my three favorite Tool songs.


The first up is “Sober,” with rocking guitar part tying in perfectly with a heavy bass line that has this eeriness setting in tones of anger, fear, and loneliness. But at the same time it has comfort to it. The drum part has a lot of symbol and bass drum to it like most metal songs do. The vocals sound angry, but there’s a sadness to them as well. By connecting each part together, it creates this amazing song.


Next is “Schism.” It starts out with this eerie, warped cello sound but as soon as it ends this semi-warming bass and guitar part leads into a hypnotic bass beat accompanied by tribal drumming. The vocals have an angrier tone to them to give it a more edgy vibe. This song is reminds me of dust during the fall with a dark but inviting feel to it.


Last but not least “Right in Two.” This song also has a strong luring bass line, tribal style percussion, and a rocking guitar part. But what makes this song different is that the percussion stands out as the most important part to the song. The guitar also leads a lot more in this song and the vocals speak of questioning what you believe in and what you think is right. Later, the vocals have answers to the questions they ask.


This concludes my music review for this week hope you enjoyed it. Once again I hope your exams go well for you and don’t forget to relax a little. Hope you continue to read The Spartan next semester.


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