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The fall season of Athletics for most, was stellar, but for others they wished it had gone a different route.

            Of course the football team wished they had won yesterday, hell I think everyone wanted them to win. But there are a lot of positives that we can look at. In four seasons, Castleton has now become a contender in the ECFC. They exceeded expectations, by finishing second in the conference. They also beat Norwich for the first time in program history to bring the Sap Bucket to Castleton. The original recruiting cast has left their mark for the underclassmen to continue on the path to an ECFC title in the near future. The football also should get an ECAC bowl game for the stellar season they had.

            The woman’s soccer team had a tough test by facing in-state rival Middlebury in the first round of the NCAA tournament. While they ended up losing the game 3-1 they showed that they could compete with Middlebury and may have had a chance for the upset if the ball had gone more there way. This team was young, and through this year they have matured. Next year they should be on a quest-to win their first NCAA tournament game.

            The field hockey team played in a snowstorm in their NCAA tournament game vs. Tufts. The outcome didn’t come the way they wanted, with them dropping the contest 8-0. Despite that loss it was a banner year for the Spartans. They finished with a program record 17 wins. While they do lose senior Kealy Chipman, as well as Mercedes Maltbie, Cori Healy and Caitlin Briggs, the Spartans will have a strong senior class next season. With the experience they had this season they should have a strong chance to win a few NCAA tournament games this week.

            The men’s soccer team didn’t quite finish they way they wanted to, bowing out to Maine Maritime Academy 2-1. They were expected to contend for a NAC championship, but ultimately fell short due to injuries. After this season the Spartans will have a new coach, with John Werner announcing he will be retiring.  Werner left an impression at Castleton garnering over 100 wins in just nine seasons.

            The Spartan standout of the week goes to John Werner. Like I said in nine seasons he garnered over 100 wins. He also reminded players of his philosophy which is family 1st, and soccer 2nd.  Werner helped Castleton to become a top-notch soccer team in the NAC.

            Until next time Castleton, keep on keeping on.

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