Music review: Florence & The Machine

I had a hard time of thinking about which band or artist to review this week.

Luckily the Spartan’s Dashiell Monder had some videos he took of a Florence + The Machine concert he went to – and that inspired me to write a review on their album “Ceremonials.”

This five-piece English indie rock band really knows how to rock.

The most distinguishing thing about Florence + The Machine is the vocals of their lead singer Florence Welch. Her voice has so much power and beauty that it makes me tremble.

The chorus singers make the songs sound a little bit angelic, and I couldn’t forget about how good the keyboards, drums, guitar, bass, and harps sound together with the vocals. The band sounds like a storm to me. They have calm, like in the song “Lover to Lover,” which has a gospel feel to it.

Then the song “Leave My Body” is like when the storm first hits because it’s still calm, but it has started to get some strength. Then the storm has come and is getting stronger and starts to have more depth, just like the song “Only If for a Night.” The song has stronger and wilder vocals to make it more powerful.

But when we think the storm has passed, it comes even stronger like with “Shake Him Out.” The song tells of trying to release these evils out of you and you having to use all your might to win.

Then the storm comes to the end, leaving a light sprinkle of rain and then it goes away -like  in the song “Never Let Me Go.” This song has a milder side to it, but not as mild as the calm before the storm.

Next issue I’ll be talking about the band Tool.

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