Dean warns of recent drugging incidents

Recently an e-mail was sent out about multiple drugging incidents at off-campus parties. Dean of Students Dennis Proulx, who sent the email, said the college suspects three different individuals, two male and one female.

“We thought it was important to notify students, however, we don’t think it was a date rape drug, it looked more like a bath salts experience and we think it was through beverages,” said Proulx.

Proulx said that there haven’t been signs outside these events that may indicate an increase in drug use on campus.

Aside from the precautions listed in the e-mail, there are numerous ways to be safe during your party experiences, he said.

“Be mindful of what you are drinking and who is providing it and maintaining it,” said Proulx.

Castleton police are aware of the incidents, Proulx said, but there is no active investigation taking place.

Proulx would like to remind students to contact the tip line or public safety if an event like this occurs again.

Proulx said that drugging someone is a criminal offense and the punishment for something of this nature would be dealt with accordingly.

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