Student Athletes turn to Old Uncle Sam for help

There’s a growing trend among student athletes at Castleton State College who are resorting to enlisting in the military to help them afford to stay in school.

“I had planned on joining the military after college, but I figured I would enlist now to help start paying off school,” said Todd Carr, who on Tuesday received a ROTC Scholarship for $46,000 that will coverhis upcoming junior and senior years.

Although this trend has grown with the student athletes, it seems to be more prevalent among the out-of-staters. Withtuition going up annually, some athletes have struggled to return after completing one year.

“I ran out of options to find funding, so had no other choice but to enlist to afford to come back for me senior year,” said Josh Osborne. Osborne is one of several out-of-state students on the Castleton football who enlisted to help pay for schooling.

These students say they view the military notas a punishment, but more as a blessing in disguise.

“I like it because after college I want to go into some kind of governmental work involving the military. So starting it now not only helps pay for my school, but also will give me a heads up when looking for a job,” said Kevin Alberque.

Some said they were leery about their decision at first but changed their perspectives after boot camp and training and after they finish it.

“I dreaded it at first and was not excited about going, but after going through all of it and going through the process, it changed the way I felt about it and I plan on possibly trying to get deployed after school ends,” said Shane Brozowski.

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