A New Way To Create

Seven students were sitting in a circle around a table in the Campus Center on a Friday afternoon. There was laughter and light conversation, and although most of the people there had not met before, they shared one thing in common, a love of video games.

That love is the premise behind a new club on campus called the Gamecrafters Guild. The goal is to have students create their own video games, and be “a place people can off their creativity and skill,” said club founder and Castleton student Zach Scheffler.

By using a computer program called construct two, students can create their own games. The group talked about creating an exhibit of sorts where completed projects could be shown at the end of the semester.

The thought of creating your own game is an enticing idea to anyone who loves games, and is the reason why many students joined the club.

“I wanna make something I want to play,” said Castleton student Matt Trombley.

One member of the club has worked on video games before coming to Castleton. Jen Smela is a transfer student who came to Castleton after studying game design at Champlain College in Burlington. She told fellow members that the work is difficult adding that “You have to work non-stop.”

The thought of working non-stop does not deter Scheffler, who believes as long as students are committed anything is possible. The club can also use musicians and writers to help in game production, members said.

 “I am a writer, I thought I could contribute,” Trombley said.

The club is certainly different than any other on campus, and one that has new program advisor Alex Davis intrigued. 

“I think it’s a great to have a diverse club selection here at Castleton,” said Davis before reaching for a book listing all the clubs. He named a few before being surprised that there is an MMA club on campus.

Meetings are in the Campus Center Thursday and Fridays at 4 p.m.


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